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Five easy steps to book


Contact us with your preferred dates and number of people


We confirm availability and hold the property for you up to 72 hours


You confirm the booking and we will send you bank account details or a PayPal request for a deposit payment. Once the reservation deposit is received, we send you all confirmation details.


You can also book through homeaway.co.uk where Casa Pinha is also listed, if you prefer


The balance is required 60 days before your arrival date.

Check Season and Prices

Pricing is seasonal as well related to the occupancy level. 

The house is fully equipped and includes many items that typically cost extra


Seasons are long, as the area benefits from a micro-climate. Autumns are mostly warm and sunny well into October. Spring is  typically nicely warm and very pleasant.

Low Season
1st November to 31st March
Mid Season
1st April to 30th June
1st Sept to 31st October
High Season
1st July to 31st August


Prices are quoted in Euros. For £ pricing please contact us. Our pricing is seasonal as well related to occupancy levels. Please add €5,- per person per day if > 5 people occupy the house.

SeasonRental Rates based on 5 people occupancy (in € ) Minimum Stay

Weekly Rate
(7 nights)
Nightly Rate

Low €770,- €110,-

5 nights
Mid €945,- €135,-

5 nights
High €1505,- €215,-

7 nights

Free (Inclusive)

Complimentary Guest Concierge Services for any questions you have

Online access to our private 500+ Movie Database via AppleTV4

Beach Towels

Baby Cot, High Chair

Tennis Rackets

Free broadband Wifi


House Changeover Cleaning Fee Contribution of €75,-

Linen / Laundry Fee per stay of €120,-

Heating Charges (Gas Boiler) during low season per usage (meter will be read with you on arrival and central heating activated depending on your wishes

Fully refundable Security Deposit

The finer details


Payment is via bank transfer or PayPal.

You do not need to open a Paypal account to pay – you can pay by credit card following the steps in a confirmation email we will send you.

If you prefer, you can book Casa Pinha through www.homeway.co.uk or booking.com, where it is also listed

Security Deposit

As customary, we request a security deposit of €250 for every booking to cover the rare possibility of damages or breakages.

Payment for this is made via Paypal with your final payment prior to arrival. You do not need to open a Paypal account to pay the security deposit and can pay this by credit card following the steps in the email.

As long as no deductions need to be made for breakages or damages, the total amount will be returned to your account within 14 days of your holiday


In the unlikely event that you need to cancel your holiday please refer to our Terms and Conditions for cancellation refunds and charges.